Why our products are so delicious?

Homemade taste and freshness are the hallmarks of Virgie’s products. We usually bake enough quantity to last less than a week’s sale and even 2-3 days only for our best sellers. This philosophy ensures that our products will reach you crisp, fresh and filled with true flavor, just like it’s out of our ovens. In fact, on some occasion, you may get your Pastillas de Manga pack, still warm to the touch, because they’re freshly baked.

Our products are also placed on thick plastic pouches or containers to lock in the freshness. Tita Virgie carefully studies and handpicks the best packaging option to suit our products.

Our products are only made from the freshest and finest quality ingredients. We have trusted mango suppliers and fruit suppliers that know our exacting requirements, so you are assured of consistent taste and freshness.

Our people too make the difference. We treat our workers as part of our family. We afford them benefits required by the government and for eligible employees, we even provide more than ample healthcare benefits. This makes it possible that the products you buy from us are made by experienced workers who are masters in their own craft.

Love---Tita Virgie’s passion for baking transcends into the products we sell. One bite, and you’ll be delighted by intense flavor, texture and freshness of our products. Tita Virgie loves baking and she always in a search for masterpieces to share with everyone.

Combining all factors, it’s the secret why our ovens are still piping hot since 1974. Sharing our delicacies with your friends, and they’ll say “namit!” (delicious!).. And the word keeps on spreading…