How to Order
You can always enjoy Virgie’s products through:
Walk-in on our Main Store in Bacolod City
Distributors in Metro Manila, Luzon and Visayas
Phone Order
How ordering through phone works?
If you live outside Bacolod City, you can arrange for an order via phone and have it delivered to you by air, bus or other delivery options as mutually agreed. (Example, for Cebu residents, we can send items through Ceres Bus and you can pick up items at Ceres Terminal in Cebu; For Manila residents, we can send items through air and just pick it up at Manila airport; we can send through door-to-door via LBC, Aboitiz, or JRS too.)
How do you price phone orders?
Pricing of our products would still be the same with our walk-in customers, however, if it needs to be delivered, freight charges and other incidental costs will be shouldered by the customer. You will be informed of these charges before you send your payment. Once order is placed, you can pay through bank-to-bank transfer via our UCPB account. We will only process and ship your order upon confirmation of your payment.
Are there any restrictions when ordering via phone?
For orders outside Bacolod City, there could be restrictions on what you could order due to perishability (e.g. Napoleones, Sans Rival and Sylvanas), typically, this applies to items with shorter shelf-life, fragileness or refrigeration. Our staff will inform you or give you advice to meet your needs.
I’m interested to buy, how can I reach you?
You may reach us through the phone numbers listed below. Although we have an email address, we do not entertain nor encourage our customers to order via email.
Phone Number: (34) 434-1788
Phone Number: (34) 434-1588
TeleFAX: (34) 434-6188
Store Hours: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Sunday
Contact Person: Gemma