The year was 1974. With her family’s rented home at corner 59 San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City, Virginia “Virgie” Chua’s oven was piping hot… She was busy with her hobby---baking cakes and pastries for family and friends. Utilizing her conventional gas range oven, three thousand pesos initial capital, a helper and her only son’s yaya, she bakes delicious homemade goodies.

Her father, Leoncio Ong, encouraged her to sell her products at New Island Grocery along Araneta Street, the biggest and most popular grocery store of its time. Her homemade recipe Banana Cake and Pastillas de Manga was her customer’s favourite.

Mrs. Chua saw greater opportunity from her hobby and that motivated her to open a small store beside their rented home along 59 San Sebastian Street. Little did she know that this is only the humble beginning. As a Banking and Finance major, Mrs. Chua had no formal training on food processing. Initially, her business started with support from the National Cottage Industry Development Authority (NACIDA).